Freeware: Rapidshare Auto Download- Latest Rapidshare Downloader for Free Users

There are times when you have to download a bunch of Rapidshare links and most of the time Rapidshare will tell you to wait irrespective of how many times you try it, nowadays it is showing 2 minutes wait without countdown timer so you have to refresh the page again and again to get the timer and when it gets to zero, you can finally click on the download link, tiresome isn’t it. Well here is a simple and famous freeware solution Rapidshare Auto Download - A program that allows the automatic downloading of Rapidshare files easily - just copy paste the Rapidshare links and click on Add Links and it will download the files without any further attention required from your side.

Features of Rapidshare Auto Downloader:

Copy-Paste of Rapidshare links support with automatic queuing and downloading
Shutdown after downloading support
Supports Proxy
Speedlimit your downloads
Scan files with your Anti-Virus software after downloads
Download Rapidshare Auto Downloader - Latest Version

-Rapidshare Auto Downloader

-Rapidshare download link - Official blog

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Venkat Arvind said...

Rapidshare downloader slower my system speed and causes attacking of virus.May be it is best suggested to Orbit Dowloader.
Orbit downloader is very fast and compact which suits in all computer.