Google Plus A New Project To Beat Facebook

Google Has Created  A Social Networking Site , There Is A Buss ThAt Its Going To Beat Facebook In Team's Of Traffic And User Interface. The Website Wil Be Launched In Week Of Time , And Now Its Currently Working On With Few People

To Get In With Google plus Here iS the Link  :


It Is Found That Even Mark The Founder Of Is Using Google Plus , Check His Link , CLick Below :

Trace Mobile,vehicle,people number

Want to trace number
2.vehicle number
3.std code
5.lot more

very simple i have found a site which has all the things mentioned above
just check

only aplicable for indian user
hav fun (feelrelax tearm)

Download youtube Video without any software

You can Download Youtube Video without any software.

All u have to Do is Just Type "OK" in Front of the Youtube Url and Click enter.
For Eg :

now Type

ITs working 100 %
Have fun

New airtel GPRS trick latest

New airtel Gprs Trick
Visit :
Keep ur Balance low @ 30p below
use airtel live setting
get system property ease
winkey + pause break
thats all.. it will work
Await 4 More tricks

Machine Gun Ammo USB Drive

Machine Gun Ammo USB Drive

Shocked,yes the usb drive which is in the shape of a can store all important
data on to it.the most important thing s its sharpness
but its completely portable.

it wouldn’t weigh you down any more than a tube of Chapstick would.

These bullets are cold resistant thanks to the metal exterior, as well as being dampproof, shockproof, heat resistant and antimagnetic.

Its can have 2gb and the colours are only gold and silver

Its Cost is Just @ $19.50

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Video Promo Song-Hosaana

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Video Promo Song

Song Name : HOSAANA

This Video is From the flim Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya
Director:Gautham Menon
Music: A.R Rehaman

Rating Of this Song 4****.

The is Really awesome

Music By A.r has been always the Best

And It Had Not Failed 4 VTV

Dell Studio 17 with touch screen

Dell’s Studio 17 is now also available with Multi-Touchscreen support, it is the first Studio notebook to sport a touchscreen and comes with Dell’s own suite of touch apps like the photo browser, design remains mostly the same with a full size keyboard and number pad. It also has HDMI output and JBL stereo speakers

tudio 17 Touchscreen Edition starts with $899 with 2.1 GHz Dual core, 3 GB RAM, 250GB HDD and Onboard Intel graphics. You can upgrade it to your favorite configuration with Core i7, upto 1 TB HDD, Blu-ray and ATI Radeon HD 4650 Graphics card, Shipping begins early December.

Free Download WYZO – The Media Browser with Support for Torrent Download

Recently I found a browser with integrated support for downloading torrents. Yes, WYZO is a whole new browser that will take your browsing experience to another level. It is popularly known as the Media Browser, the reason is simple. Wyzo provides easy access to all your favorite media sites and downloading media content.

Wyzo is equipped with latest protection and safety technologies but the feature which makes it a standalone performer is its inbuilt support for torrents downloading inside its own download manager. You can use same download manager for downloading torrents as well as other web contents. Wyzo has got an all orange look that makes its skin neat with user friendly browsing experience.

Key features of WYZO are:-

FireTorrent – The FireTorrent comes as a BitTorrent plugin to Wyzo and is best suited to all types of users. It helps to download torrents at the rapid speed.
Start Page – This is the also the unique part of Wyzo. The stat page itself lets you search 33 engines at the same time. It has got different category – web, torrents, images, video, news, blogs and shopping each having top search engines in the dropdown list. Check here.

Download it from HERE.

Freeware: Rapidshare Auto Download- Latest Rapidshare Downloader for Free Users

There are times when you have to download a bunch of Rapidshare links and most of the time Rapidshare will tell you to wait irrespective of how many times you try it, nowadays it is showing 2 minutes wait without countdown timer so you have to refresh the page again and again to get the timer and when it gets to zero, you can finally click on the download link, tiresome isn’t it. Well here is a simple and famous freeware solution Rapidshare Auto Download - A program that allows the automatic downloading of Rapidshare files easily - just copy paste the Rapidshare links and click on Add Links and it will download the files without any further attention required from your side.

Features of Rapidshare Auto Downloader:

Copy-Paste of Rapidshare links support with automatic queuing and downloading
Shutdown after downloading support
Supports Proxy
Speedlimit your downloads
Scan files with your Anti-Virus software after downloads
Download Rapidshare Auto Downloader - Latest Version

-Rapidshare Auto Downloader

-Rapidshare download link - Official blog